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Security Screws & Fixings

Security screws have special heads which cannot be removed by standard screwdriver bits, making them resistant to tampering and vandalism

Pro-Dec can supply a variety of different types of Security screws in a range of sizes and lengths

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A variety of security Drives are available: (from top) Clutch- Head, Torx Centre-Pin, Hex Centre-Pin, 2-Pin "Snout".  These screws have been fitted to Snap-Cap Washers

Security Screws

Security crews use specially-shaped drive recesses and corresponding driver bits, to reduce vandalism and increase security.

Security screws can be used for:

  • Vehicle number plates
  • Signage and hoardings that can be accessed by the public
  • Public-Transport vehicles
  • Security installations such as Police Stations, Government buildings, Military installations etc      

Security screws can be used in conjunction with Snap-Caps to add a level of tamper-resistance, protect the screw-head from corrosion and improve the overall appearance.

Click here to see how Security Screws can be used with Number Plate Cover Caps to protect against Number Plate theft.

Screws are supplied in quantities of 1,000 in re-usable dispenser boxes. 

We can supply a variety of 'Security' screws for fixing vehicle number plates and other applications.


Phone us on 0845 1 776 332 to discuss your requirements

Security Screws are available in a wide variety of specifications depending on intended use:

Drive Recesses: Clutch-Head (aka "One-way") drive
"One-Way" Pozi drive
Torx with centre-pin drive
Hex with centre-pin drive
Two-pin (aka "Snout") drive
Material: A2 Stainless Steel
Zinc-Plated (ZP) steel finish
Thread Types: Self-tapper
Machine screw
Wood screw
Head Types: Countersunk head
Sizes: M3.5 (6gge) and up
Lengths: 12mm (1/2") and up

Most combinations of these are available.  Due to the high number of possible combinations we only keep a limited range in stock

Please call our experienced Sales Team on 0845 1 776 332 to discuss your requirements.

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Thank you for your interest in our specialised screws & fixings.

  • For pricing on Self-tapper Number-Plate screws, please visit our Number-Plate Cover-Caps page.
  • For information and pricing on the different Security screws & fixings we can supply, please call us on 0845 1 776 332 .

Discounts available:

    10% OFF - Order £150 or more Product Value (excludes VAT, and can be made up from any mix of our products & colours)
    15% OFF - Order £00 or more Product Value (excludes VAT, and can be made up from any mix of our products & colours)

With so many types of fixings and sizes to choose from, our priority is to ensure you order the right fixing for your application.  Please call our experienced UK Sales Team on 0845 1 776 332, and we will quickly guide you through the possible choices you have available.  You can then be confident you are ordering the best fixing for your application.

For customers wanting quantities of less than 1,000 screws, please contact one of our Distributors