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Phoning us during Lockdown

Your calls may be taken by staff working from home. Please use our usual numbers of 0845 1 776 332 or 01788 833 633.  If you are having problems reaching us, please try 01455 699 065 or email us... Read more

On-going Phone issues...

We continue to have recurring issues with our telephone service where our lines seem to just intermittently disappear. If you are having problems calling us on our usual numbers, please contact us... Read more

Power & Phones back up and running

Further to our loss of power and phones, by late morning everything was back up and running, and we can now be contacted by the usual numbers.  Thanks to everyone for their patience and we apologise... Read more

Loss of power/phones

We have lost electrical power and understand we may get it back again by 10am or soon after. Until this issue is fixed, please use the following number to contact us:  01455 699 065 or email us on... Read more

Chistmas shutown 2020/21

Normally I put something smart here about what defines Christmas - but after the past 12 months, perhaps we should all just be grateful we're still here?  Notwithstanding, the challenges of the... Read more