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Choose the best colour for my job

Choose Your Colour

We have 96 colours in our range and most products are available in the full range of colours.


View our range of colours

Select a product from the product menu.  Click on the Colours tab to see the full range of colours.  You can check stock availability for each colour by hovering your mouse pointer above the colour swatch you are interested in.

WARNING: Different monitors will show different colours (depending on how your monitor is calibrated). The Colour Chart should only be used as an indication of the colours available in our colour range. Please do NOT use this chart for color matching purposes.


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Use the Colour Matching facility to find the best cap colour match

(to '000's of laminates, powdercoat colours, vinyls and composite boards)

We have already matched our caps to '000's of surface finishes used in the UK, including laminates from Egger, Kronospan & Polyrey; Interpon's extensive Powdercoat range; vinyls from 3M and KPMF and Composite boards from Multipanel & Dibond.

Select Colour Matching from the main menu.  Then click on the drop-down arrow on the side of the 'Select Range' box.

You can then select the range of surface finish you are trying to match to.

A second box loads with all the colour names and/or codes from the range you have selected.

Scroll down to find the colour name/code you are matching.

The page then loads the results, and shows:

  •   our recommended cap colour,
  •   a swatch which indicates the colour of our cap, and
  •   a table showing the current availability of stock in this colour for each product.

We grade each match as being:

Excellent: there is no discernable difference between the colour of the material and cap

Good: there is a minor (but noticeable) difference between the colour of the material and cap

Acceptable: there is a noticeable difference between the colour of the material and cap, but should be acceptable for most applications

Unacceptable: unfortunately, none of our 96 stock colours offers what we believe would be an acceptable match.  In some instances, we have shown the colour that is closest - in other instances, the results show there is no available match.  In such cases, we believe chosing a contrasting colour (or a secondary corporate colour), can offer a pleasing result.

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Purchase a Sample Pack

Please visit our Sample Pack page.

In addition to samples of all the types and sizes of caps we have, we have the very useful Colour Board.  This is made from a printed Colour Chart which has been laminated onto a thick card.  We then insert a cap of every one of our 96 standard colours into its respective swatch.  You can easily push the cap out of the swatch so it can be placed against the material you're matching and can later be returned to its swatch for safekeeping when you have finished with it.

If you have used our Colour Matching, you can use the Colour Board to confirm our recommendation and to see for yourself just how good the colour match is.

Looked after, the Colour Board should last many years and give you the confidence to select the best colour for your job.